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The cost-effective design for posting leaflets - one-piece mailers

Here in Nottingham, we are experts in designing your printed material so that it can be folded and sealed to form its own envelope. A label can then bestuck on the front or the address details can be printed onto the mailer either when it is printed or after it is sealed.

A one-piece mailer means that you don't need a separate envelope or to polywrap your mailing. This saves not only the cost of the envelope but also thecost of insertion.

Savings by design

We recently designed a one-piece mailing for our client. The flat size of the finished design is a single sheet of paper A3 in size. This is then foldedand glued to make a finished piece DL in size. Saving the weight of an extra envelope as well as the small size means this mailer fits into the cheapestpostage rates category saving thousands of pounds in postage costs. The feedback from the recipients was that they liked the big poster as it was moreinteresting to unfold and more impactful than a standard multi-page leaflet. A win-win for our client!

Talk to us about your mailing requirements and see if we can design savings for you. Just e-mail us and we’ll get right back to you! 

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What Our Clients Say

"Thank you for the superb quality and service, the design is just what we wanted, we will be back for more"

- David

"Thanks for the prompt design and delivery of our forms, we were pleased how quickly you turned them around for us, thank you"

- Paul

"We have always found you to be our perfect print and marketing partner, we can rely on you for a 100% consistently perfect service, very professional, friendly cost effective service"

- Mike

"The service we received was excellent and professional, thank you once again"

- Sandra