Commercial print and direct marketing
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Project Examples

Quality Litho Print

This Nottingham furniture and homewares store requires top-notch print to reflect the high quality of their products. We produce stylish sale catalogues and invitations to special events for them.
Recommending spot UV for this equipment catalogue has improved perception of the quality of the company and their products. Read more about spot UV here.

Direct Marketing

This hair salon supplier uses direct mail to reach their customers with special offers and deals. The printed envelope highlights the savings inside.
This car dealership wanted a mailing that would stand out from a simple flyer. By die-cutting the car shape we made sure it would get more attention.

Worldwide Postage

Postage pricing can be a minefield with a huge choice of options but AGC guarantees to save you money over your in-house postage including franking machines.

Depending on the size, weight, volume and urgency of your mailings we can recommend the best discount for you and have made savings of many £1,000s of pounds for our clients.
If you have customers overseas and want an international mailing campaign, we can recommend the best service to use from the many providers available. We will print the mailing, stuff the envelopes and deliver the bulk mail to the overseas postage provider all in one go saving you the hassle of liaising with separate companies.

Personalised Gifts

For this company a desk pad is a fantastic brand reminder that is a practical gift.
If you want to give a corporate Christmas gift that will last all year then why not print a year planner. Stuck on the wall, your logo will be displayed for 12 months.
What Our Clients Say

"Thank you for the superb quality and service, the design is just what we wanted, we will be back for more"

- David

"Thanks for the prompt design and delivery of our forms, we were pleased how quickly you turned them around for us, thank you"

- Paul

"We have always found you to be our perfect print and marketing partner, we can rely on you for a 100% consistently perfect service, very professional, friendly cost effective service"

- Mike

"The service we received was excellent and professional, thank you once again"

- Sandra